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Mt. McKinley/Denali in 24 hours

Last week I had to take Bridger up to Fairbanks for a scout camp.  (I had one kid on the Yukon, and another in the interior Alaska wilderness!)  The drive takes you up past Mt. McKinley/Denali as it wraps around and weaves through the Alaska Range.

Going up, we had cloudy weather, but on the drive back down it was bluebird skies.  So I took a few pictures to document Denali’s many faces in a 24 hour period.  We have fires burning in Alaska so it’s a little hazy in places.

Of note, Mt. McKinley and Denali are the same mountain and there’s a bit of controversy over what to call it.  I usually call it Denali when I’m speaking to people in Alaska, and Mt. McKinley when I’m speaking to people who aren’t as familiar with Alaska.

Denali is the tallest mountain in North America at 20,237 feet above sea level.  It’s base to summit rise of 18,000 feet makes it one of the most impressive rises of all the mountains: 3rd to Mount Everest in the Himalayas and Aconcagua in the Andes.  I can personally attest that it is mesmerizing to be staring at these massive mountains, then catch your first glimpse of the behemoth that is Denali.  It is one of my favorite views in the world!  Click on the pictures to get a big view if your media allows.

Mt. McKinley: 24 hours

Denali in the clouds 6/16/15

Denali near Fairbanks overlooking the valley 6/17/15

Approaching Denali from the Fairbanks side

Saige with Mt. McKinley, North View, Denali State Park

Mt. McKinley north view, Denali State Park

Denali Panorama, south view, Denali State Park

Just a little closer

Mt. McKinley!

Next Goal?

Get a picture of the other side of Denali from Wonder Lake in Denali National Park!

Anyone else have memories of this massive mountain?  Or dreams of visiting or climbing it?

**Update September 31, 2015, President Obama did something I can actually agree with and changed the name of Mt. McKinley back to the Athabascan name of Denali!  It’s something that should have been done a long time ago.  While I certainly have respect for the 25th president of the United States it was named for in 1917, I feel it’s much more appropriate that they name a mountain in Ohio for him.  After all, he never set foot in the state of Alaska, and out of respect for the native tribes here and the opinion of most Alaskans, the name should be Denali.



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