Moving To Alaska

Think you’ve got what it takes to live in the Last Frontier?


Now the next step is actually getting you and all your gear up here. The distance and isolation from the lower 48 and beyond can make this a formidable challenge. Sound like a migraine in the making? Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be.

Why not take on this daunting endeavor with help from someone who’s moved not only to Alaska, but Hawaii as well? I’ve put together a no-nonsense guide with lessons we’ve learned from personal experience, research, and now as Alaskans, on how to move to a place many only dream of living.

  • Learn the best ways to get your home goods to the Last Frontier
  • Estimate what you can expect to pay
  • What to avoid when shipping your car to minimize the chance of damage
  • Directions and cautions for the “Move It Yourselfer”
  • Tips on where to live, cost-of-living, and life beyond the fantasy


I’m working on the finishing touches now, and ‘Moving to Alaska’ will be published Late Summer 2016. If you’d like to be notified when “Moving to Alaska” becomes available, simply enter your details in the sign-up form below!