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Losing Weight, Finding Myself

Into the Last Frontier is currently undergoing a MAJOR renovation and rebuild which will take this little blog to the next level. It’s my midlife Christmas gift to hopefully inspire others, as well as myself, to live the biggest life possible while enjoying the pleasures of home and family.

The wonderful web designer I’m working with, Hannah, is creating a beautiful online story to showcase what I want to share. The only problem is, I’m supposed to be one of the main characters…and I can’t even stand to look at myself in the mirror.


Hannah likes to use photos of the individual prominently on their website, to allow the readers to get to know and connect with the author.  I offered up hoards of pictures of my adorable children, pets, Alaska, wild animals, etc.; but the truth is, she needed pictures of me.

I’d rather jump into a den of bears than get my picture taken.

I told her something like that.  But dutifully, I dragged my photographer friend Mykol out to take some photos.  I cringed when I saw how I looked.  Pretty sure I cried, too.

I loaded the images into the Dropbox, and shot Hannah an email saying, “Should I wait until I can present a better image of myself?”

It took her a little while to get back to me, so I was fairly sure the answer was going to be, “Yes, let’s do it next summer!”.  Instead, she said, “I’ve thought a lot about it…no, let’s do it now.”

She proceeded to tell me that what the world and readers need to see is a “real” person doing real things: living adventurously, conquering and failing with strengths and flaws; not some air-brushed, twig thin model pretending to climb a mountain, or scuba dive, or fish.

Hannah even said I was “a bad-a$$ with mermaid hair.”  Can’t lie, I was pretty excited about that and strangely, I got a little confidence.

Then she suggested, “Why don’t you share your story.  Everyone faces insecurities and some, the same issues.”  I accepted the challenge and began to psyche myself up.

It’s taken me a month to get the guts to write this post and commit to sharing my journey to lose weight with my friends and readers.



It’s not a secret, the past five or so years have been difficult ones and food has sometimes been my only friend.  Plus, I’m not getting any younger (no one warned me about menopausal nightmares). Throw in a massive thyroid issue and you have the recipe for excessive weight gain.

That’s where I’m at and it’s affecting me negatively in my self-esteem, health, career, and ability to get outdoors and enjoy the activities I love.

It’s time to change.  I scheduled an appointment with a new MD here in Alaska to get my medications straight, I got myself a gym membership to The Alaska Club, and I reached out to a friend of ours in Scottsdale, AZ, Travis Richey, who is a personal trainer and mentor to help guide me through this process.

Losing weight…Let’s finally do this.



I’m committed! I don’t know how long losing weight will take with the new hormonal/thyroid landscape, and I know there will be many challenges and obstacles along the way.

But, it’s vital to my life in every way that I succeed.  I’ll never be a size 8 or maybe even 12, but I will regain my health, and more importantly, continue to fully enjoy the adventures I love.

I accept the challenge to share it with you. Join me if you like (I’d love that).

But if my story can inspire someone to accept themselves the way they are, set goals, and work to achieve them, then I will have accomplished my mission.

Stay tuned for monthly progress updates, good and bad, and look for the new look website launch coming soon.

Thanks, Hannah!

  • November 14, 2015

    I love you Janet!! I am so proud of you! You are brave and you are amazing! Don’t forget that!! Count me in:)

    • November 14, 2015
      Janet Bowman

      Thanks Jenny! I love you too my friend, one of my best and oldest! Your support means a lot.

  • November 14, 2015

    Janet, you have always had the demeanor of a rock!! Calm, steadfast, solid, no questions, very down to earth, confident and being stunningly beautiful, with the most beautiful smile. You are so gifted and have always impressed me. The world is full of wishy-washy lost souls but a friend like you is priceless. You go girl.

    • November 14, 2015
      Janet Bowman

      Thanks Terri, I could say the EXACT same thing about you! Praying for you in your fight as well.

  • November 14, 2015

    You’re beautiful Janet. Good luck and if you need a long distance work out buddy or motivator, I’m your gal! I can tell you that using some type of app helps me get motivated. Congratulations on the gym membership, I’m a gym rat so if I can help you pick the exercises that worked for me I can share.

    • November 14, 2015
      Janet Bowman

      Susanne, message me on FB! I’d love a buddy…and I’d love to discover more options to help me stay motivated. Thanks for offering to help!

  • November 21, 2015

    Janet – you’re beautiful both inside and out. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Good luck with your new challenge – you can do it. I was at the same mindset as you are at last year. I took in the challenge and have triumphed. So will you. I will support you all the way and cheer you on. Also happy to be your long distance workout buddy.

    • November 21, 2015
      Janet Bowman

      Thanks Nisha, you totally rocked it and were part of my inspiration. Definitely don’t be a stranger!

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