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Last week, we had our two oldest daughters, Candace and Haley, plus Candace’s fiance Rich come up for Thanksgiving and some family fun.

Candace and Rich, Family Fun

Fun with Kids in Alaska

It’s been a year since we have all been together at the same time, and the first time since Christmas two years ago that we have had just our immediate family together for a holiday.

This was also Bridger’s last Thanksgiving with us for a couple years.  He’ll serve a mission for our church after high school.

One last big blast together.  It was so much fun!

Melancholy start to December

I miss my older girls!  They both live in Utah around the rest of my extended family.  That’s the hardest part about living somewhere like Alaska or Hawaii.  I just ache to have my family closer.

I was sad when they all went home.  I had been looking forward to it and planning for so long.  It was hard putting up Christmas decorations because I knew they weren’t coming back this year.

I started reflecting on how much I miss the times when my kids were younger.  Those holidays when we all lived together and the atmosphere was just electric around the house in preparation for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter…all of it.

Family Fun, Mom and Bridger

Family Fun, Mom and Saige

Then I thought about how much I missed my parents and siblings, and all the fun we used to have together at the holidays.  I have fond memories of two Thanksgiving dinners per holiday thanks to my grandparents living across the street from each other.  

And my brothers, sister and I standing at the top of the steps Christmas morning in anticipation of running downstairs to a warm fire, lit tree and gifts when my Dad gave the word “Go”! 

Times passes and you can’t go back.  Only in fond memories.  I love my family…each and every one of them, and treasure the times we spent together.

Family Fun

So, we move on and continue to make new memories.

I’m so proud of my kids.  I loved hearing Candace’s contagious laugh again.  I loved that Haley is still a Momma’s girl.  And I loved seeing all five kids and Rich interact together.

Kids Family Fun Family Fun in Snow

Good Times

Good Times

From a king crab feast, to a massive Thanksgiving meal, to rides to the glacier, Alyeska, and the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center; we filled our time together well with an enormous amount of family fun.

I loved that they all love Alaska.  Maybe I can secretly plot a way to entice them all to move here!

I’ll take whatever time I can get with my kids, extended family, and friends…eventually it will just be Jeff and I.

Treasured family time…I have so much to be grateful for.

Family Fun in Alaska

  • February 24, 2016
    Richard Rowland

    I love the site and the pics and writing are amazing! Love you all!



    • February 25, 2016
      Janet Bowman

      Thanks Rich, It’s truly a labor of love! Miss you both!

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