I Wish I Were a Fly on the Wall

The first book in the “Sea Life, See Life” children’s series

This enchanting children’s series sets the stage for a sequence of kid sized lessons on exploring, creating, and living the life of their dreams while becoming confident, active, productive individuals. This first story focuses on helping children separate themselves from the crowd. It’s beautifully illustrated with a fun, beachy setting!

I Wish I Were a Fly on the Wall Ebook
  • Inspire young children to live their own dreams
  • Encourage kids to become unique individuals
  • Promote acknowledgment and gratitude for the life they live
  • Enforce service as a foundation block for a happy life
  • Most appropriate for children ages 3-8 (my 10-year-old loves it, too!)
I bought this delightful book for my five-year-old Goddaughter and she absolutely loved it. She has always been a nature-loving little soul, so this really made an impact on her. I myself was particularly impressed by the wisdom shared subtley through the story. I always love to give meaningful gifts, and this certainly didn’t disappoint.
Hannah Loaring | Writer at Further Bound


Watch for fun new additions to the Sea Life, See Life series. First up will be “I Wish I Were a Barnacle on a Boat”, followed by “I Wish I Were a Moose on the Loose”. Sign up below to receive updates and special offers on all new releases.