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Frozen! Cold Winter Wonderland

Winter sank it’s teeth deep into our world here in Alaska.  Temperatures hover in the single digits and dip as low as -30 creating a frozen, winter wonderland.

We’ve had lovely, snowy days with mounds of fluffy white powder along with LONG days of bitter wind cutting straight to the bone.  Brutally cold!

No one wants to go out in that, including the poor dogs.  More than once I’ve ventured out in slippers and PJs to pick Rio and Ted up off the snow as they pathetically lay there with paws straight up in the air.

At least we haven’t hit -50 or lower like up around Fairbanks!

Frozen: Colors of Winter

Frozen Winter Sunset, Alaska

Frozen Brain

On days when we are stuck indoors, it’s been hard to find motivation to do much.  Probably because the tasks include taxes, PFDs, and Jeff’s business stuff.

But I’ve also had a hard time writing blog posts.  I love doing it as a journal for my family and friends, along with working on photography and graphic skills; but, I just am yearning for an additional creative challenge.

To thaw my mind, I jotted down some ideas and started working on them.  Stay tuned, changes may be coming.

Alaska Mountains

Frozen Brawn

Life in a frozen world settles into a regimen of snow and ice removal, along with avoiding hypothermia or an injury on the ice.  I think we’ve all gone down at least once.

I did in the driveway, and bruised my hip.  Talk about throwing a wrench in an exercise regimen.  We’ve opted for the dance of the waddling duck down the driveway.

Moose are more commonly seen, as they are also working hard to find food.  Those long, lanky legs are a benefit to powering through deep snow.

Then there’s always the commute to work with the daily count of ditch-divers, roll overs and slide offs.  I kid you not, we saw 6 in a half mile stretch last week.  Absolute carnage.

Frozen Mountain Alaska

Hatcher Pass Winter

Frozen Beauty

One benefit to our cold temps, snow and ice is beautiful winter landscapes and colors.  Not all of winter is white and gray.  Snow makes a perfect canvas for light.

There’s hues of purple, pink, yellow and orange in sunsets, sunrises, and alpenglow, along with blue and teal in the snow and ice.

Colors blend and flow throughout the day.  Breathtaking (literally) to watch and equally fun to chase down and photograph.

Winter Hatcher Pass

Winter in High Mountains, Alaska

Frozen Fun

I’ve heard from more than a few people: “How can you stand long winters up there?!?”  My answer, “Just enjoy it!” or “Let it Go.” (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

Of course it’s cold, it’s Alaska!  Toughen up Buttercup, and get out there.

With the exception of miserable wind, that’s what we do.  Skiing, riding snowmachines, ice fishing, and Aurora watching make winter fun.

Moral of the story is, you find what you seek.  During a long, Alaskan winter, you choose to be miserable…or…appreciate the frozen season for what it is and offers.

Frozen Stream, Hatcher Pass


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