From silly to the serious, these are the top questions inquiring readers want to know.

So let’s put it all on the line and air it out!

Who are you?

Your worst nightmare…Oh, wait that’s taken! I’m just a married, middle-aged, mother of 5 lookin’ to bust loose as I enter the autumn of my life! Click here to learn more about me, or check out my journey to Alaska.

Have you seen a bear?

The number one question I’m asked! And the answer is yes: 4 brown bears, 3 black bears, 0 polar bears. Most interesting place I saw a bear? Two LARGE brown bears right off the highway in Eagle River on my commute to Anchorage one day. Welcome to Alaska. And before you ask, yes I’ve seen a moose. I see them all the time!

What is it like with the extreme changes in daylight in Alaska?

Here’s the second most common inquiry. There’s no doubt, the light changes play games with your mind. Where I live in Wasilla, there are only about 4 hours of actual darkness in the summer and in the winter, around 6 hours of light. So for one half of the year, I turn into a zombie from lack of sleep and light intoxication and the other half, I’d really just like to hibernate with the bears and eat chocolate.

Do you have an outhouse?

Top question number three. This is surprisingly a very fascinating topic! While many Alaskans have homes with outhouses, my current home is completely on the grid with 3 porcelain thrones. That may change if Jeff has his way when we begin our home building process in the summer of 2016…stay tuned!

Why did you create Into the Last Frontier?

The answer is threefold really. First, it’s an online journal for my kids with memories of their mother and family, as well as a medium to remain in contact with our family and friends spread out around the world.
The second reason is honestly to show you, (especially women), that you can get out there and keep exploring, adventuring, and growing no matter your age. Our best years are yet to come! I firmly believe that.
Thirdly, it’s my mid-life crisis career change!

Do you work?

You mean beyond raising 5 kids? Yes, I’m a registered dietitian, currently working part time in Anchorage to get cheap health insurance and stimulate my math obsessed mind. I have a bachelor’s degree in dietetics, a minor in bio-chemistry, and an associate’s degree in home economics. (Ah, that’s why there are recipes on the site.)

Can I advertise on the website?

I don’t do “ads” per say, but we could definitely chat about some ways to work together. I’m always open to discussing new opportunities! So, if you think your brand is in line with mine and have an idea, email me.

What photography equipment do you use?

I am a novice photographer among some big shooters here in Alaska, but I’m happy to share info, plus, it didn’t cost me an arm and a leg. I use a Sony a6000 mirrorless camera. I chose it over a DSLR mainly because of the light weight, picture quality, and ease of use. I love it! You can see my full camera gear set up here.

How do I become a rustic cooking legend?

Start with the basics in “Dutch Oven Cooking ‘101”, my eBook that is available free to all subscribers. To get your copy simply enter your details into the sign-up form at the bottom of this page. You can also follow along with the tips, tricks and recipes on the blog. When you are ready, step it up a notch to “Dutch Oven Cooking-Alaska Style”! And if this doesn’t work, apply for “Worst Cooks in America” on the Food Network. It’s a safe, non-threatening or humiliating environment to really hone your cooking skills.

Can we talk?

Absolutely! Here’s how we can connect. Looking forward to it! Didn’t find what you were looking for? Email me at janet@intothelastfrontier.com and I’ll get you an answer as quick as a male moose in mating season.