I’m Janet, avid scuba diver, ex-river guide and ski instructor, and life-long adrenaline aficionado. Welcome to the Last Frontier!

I’m married to Jeff, who’s an outdoor junkie too. Our five beautiful kids round out the family: Candace, Haley, Bridger, Summer and Saige. At 49 years old; truthfully, I may be in the midst of a mini mid-life crisis. Most people buy a car or jewelry when this happens. Not me. Instead… We moved to Alaska.

Aurora, AK

into the last frontier
into the last frontier


July, 2014: Sitting in the break-room on the 6th floor at Phoenix Children’s Hospital, I gazed out over the crowded downtown of Phoenix. It was 110 degrees and I was tired. My job as a pediatric ICU dietitian dulled my senses to cope with the heart breaking patients I saw. The pinnacle of my career was taking a toll emotionally and I longed for my life of adventure and wonder that had come to a screeching halt.

The previous five years had been tough ones. I’ll spare you the details, but suffice it to say, it involved four big moves, three life-flights for my son, two jobs for my husband that weren’t as advertised, and one worn out family.

Jeff wanted to make one last career move which I was agreeable to do. I needed something different and yearned to put down roots in a wilder place. But where? We’d done the Rockies, the Deserts and Hawaii.

into the last frontier
into the last frontier
into the last frontier

So, we decided to go to the biggest, baddest place we’ve both always wanted to live, Alaska, and it just happens to be called “The Last Frontier”. I only had two requests: indoor toilet and a fire extinguisher sized can of bear spray.

In November of 2014, we packed up all of our belongings in a 28 foot snow-machine trailer, hooked it up to Jeff’s big, black truck (his mid-life crisis) and Jeff set out across Canada in -40 degree weather. Not something I’d recommend as our TV cracked and he spent a week sleeping on a frozen memory foam mattress after he got there. Bridger, Summer, Saige and I had it much easier….we just took a plane.

We are home and loving life in the Last Frontier.

About Janet-Into the Last Frontier Alaska

into the last frontier
into the last frontier


Alaska is so massive, wild and untamed on one side, but fragile, stunning, and silent on the other… And it’s my life’s mission to explore it!

Follow us as we embrace life as Alaskans, while raising a family and moving into our changing seasons.  We also love outdoor and rustic cooking and are excited to share our favorite recipes, tips, and tricks.  Plus, as a registered dietitian, I’ll tackle a wide range of nutrition and diet issues, including my own struggles.

And Adventure? We’re getting dirty, wet, snowy and fishy, so come join us and discover the Last Frontier!

Hopefully you will be inspired, enjoy some humor, and at the least, see a little bit of amazing Alaska!

You can learn even more about me and our move to Alaska here, or visit the FAQ page. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, thoughts, rants or raves and to share your adventures with me. I love hearing from fellow explorers, foodies and wanderers! Welcome, and enjoy the “Last Frontier.”